About Jacob Dean

Jacob Dean is a freelance food and travel writer currently residing in Chicago. His work has appeared in a variety of publications including Vice, The AV Club, The Washington Post, Roads and Kingdoms, DCist, and Edible DC. He is also an Associate Editor at The Cook's Cook Magazine and has worked as a freelance recipe tester for the New York Times.

A man of widely varied interests, Jacob has graduate degrees in both forensic and clinical psychology, has studied film-making and criticism, and has been employed as a psychotherapist. Jacob enjoys traveling, for both work and pleasure, and over the past few years has had the opportunity to travel in Europe, Central America, Northern Africa, East Asia, and across the United States. He has tried over sixteen hundred unique beers (he keeps track) and is allergic to grasshoppers (the insect, not the drink).

Jacob Dean enjoys a cold one in P-Town